AKDA is an established professional practice with an experienced team of specialists providing full consultancy services in architecture, planning, interior design and project management. With our full scope consultancy services, we are in an excellent position to offer our valued clients unique integrated solutions tailored to each of their projects.

We are a firm focused on design-oriented projects and employs a multidisciplinary approach towards the design process. Team members pride themselves on the many projects they have undertaken in the world, including China, UK, UAE, Japan and Singapore. These prestigious projects range from residential to commercial, industrial, institutional such as healthcare facilities and schools, and hospitality developments. With our international outlook and approach, we continuously add value to our clients’ projects at every stage from inception through concept design, design development and construction .

We are committed to creating harmonious relationships between building developments and their environment through our forward-looking professional technical knowledge, thereby ensuring clients achieve both aesthetically elegant and sustainable energy –efficient buildings. Our emphasis on detail design for each project also ensures a contemporary and functional architecture which blends harmoniously with the natural features of the project location.

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