Everything begins with an idea.

And believing in ideas is the beginning of ingenuity. After dreams have been dreamt, and ideas transformed into pencil strokes on paper, belief propels these ideas to the heights of uncharted dimensions.

At AKDA, we believe in ourselves and we deliver dreams. We integrate ad repertoire of ideas with boldness, embodying creativity with pragmatic and environmentally friendly concepts, never losing sight of the big picture.

Thus, here is where we begin…


AKDA is all about blazing the architectural train and setting the pace. With an assemblage of phenomenal thinkers who constantly strive for the front row seat of innovation, our company has redefines the architectural landscape internationally.

Despite AKDA’s youth, we have made tremendous progress and impact. Our rich portfolio attests to our unfailing vigour to produce results beyond expectations, delivering unparalleled creations of building personalities.


In 2003, the seed of AKDA was planted, and from there, a string of achievements began to flourish. Having the architectural experience and expertise from the UK and Singapore, its founders specially handpicked remarkable individuals – award winning architects and interior designers from international shores – and, integrating various skills, progressively constructed an elite team to lead the way. This resulted in a company that has faced adversities during the economic downturn and has successfully emerged stronger and better.

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